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A combination of: Calcium,  Magnesium, Manganese, Platinum, Sulfur, Water of 
Life, Zinc. 


      The muscle pain from Fibromyalgia is one of  the most common types of chronic widespread pain.   It includes all-over muscle pain that can make it hard to do even 
day-to-day tasks. The pain may vary from mild to severe. 

      People with fibromyalgia may not know what is wrong with them or what is causing their pain, lost as to what to do to get relief.   Recent research suggests that changes in the central  nervous system may be responsible for the chronic pain that comes with fibromyalgia.  Every part of the body receives electrical signals from the nerves in your brain. But sometimes, these nerves can get damaged, and damaged nerves sometimes send  extra  signals.  Signals that healthy nerves would not send. These extra signals may cause pain. 

      Nerve damage may occur for a few reasons, for example, a viral or bacterial infection. Nerve damage could also be  linked to injury and the use of sugar substitutes, particularly Saccharin/Aspartame, is a major contributing factor as it is a neuro-toxin which can attack and damage the nerves. 

      When sugar substitute use is stopped the Fibromyalgia symptoms are often alleviated or completely disappear.  Using the FybroSupport will help feed the muscles, nerves, myelin sheath, and tendons to help the body bring back restoration. 

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