Hypo  Support

The Thyroid Support product, labeled "Hypo Support," is a combination of Copper, Iodine, Selenium, Tyrosine & Zinc for thyroid function support.

(±100 parts per million)

Sluggish? Can’t Shed Weight? Losing Your Hair? 

The thyroid is petite gland in the neck that helps with the creation and storage of the hormones that are responsible to regulate the blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and the rate at which the food is transformed into energy. This gland is located in the neck inferior to the thyroid cartilage. As such, the thyroid is in charge of sustaining the body's metabolism. For the optimum functionality of the thyroid health, it is essential to acquire a daily dosage of vitamins and minerals.

Other than vitamins, minerals like iodine, Zinc, Copper and Selenium enhance the thyroid health. Iodine benefits the essential thyroid hormones. It is available naturally in sea foods, and sea vegetables like kelp and vegetables that are from the iodine rich fields.

Zinc improves thyroid health. The thyroid hormone, thyroxin, was found deficient in the people with lower serum zinc levels. It's also noticed that with adding zinc in people with a thyroxin deficiency, there was an enhancement of the thyroxin levels. 

Selenium metabolizes thyroid hormones. People with a severe selenium deficiency are presumed having a Goiter.

Last but not least, copper aids with the metabolism of the thyroid health.


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