Pet Vitality Formula

Pet Vitality™ provides amazing benefits for all pets of any age. The formula protects healthy pets and offers remarkable benefits for aging and ailing pets. It's an affordable, easy to use supplement solution that's perfectly safe for all pets; dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc.

Often called “anti-aging for pets,” Pet Vitality™ formula includes all the amino acids and metabolic enzymes to enhance and support proper function of the body, delivered quickly and directly to the cellular level.

It's been said by a well-known doctor that there's only one disease known to mankind, although it has a thousand names. It's the disease of too many toxins in the body and too few nutrients reaching the cells. It's called cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, premature aging, and many, many other names.

Pet Vitality™ is the only product that addresses both of these issues at the same time. It supplies both the body's need for oxygenation (without which all important cellular detoxification cannot take place) and the body's need for vital trace nutrients (Pet Vitality™ supplies over 120) to feed the cells.  All of the above as well as cell-building hydrogen, and electrolytes are derived by the Pet Vitality formulation at the deepest cellular level with absolute maximum bio-availability.

Pet Vitality™ offers a dramatic boost in energy and concentration levels, as well as ongoing strengthening of the immune system. The formula also rapidly kills infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites without harming beneficial microorganisms needed by the body.

Pet Vitality™ greatly enhances the bio-availability of any other supplements (sometimes even as much as 3-5 times) taken in the same 24-hour period.

Pet Vitality™ also enhances the absorption of pharmaceutical medications. There are no substances that are incompatible with Pet Vitality™.

Pet Vitality™ will release oxygen that is negatively charged, and time released in chain reaction, and so no free radicals are produced. In fact, the negatively charged oxygen molecules released by the formula will bond with any free radicals (which are often created by many other so-called 'oxygen products') that are present in the body and convert them to safe, stabilized oxygen molecules.

Homeopathic breakthroughs in animal health care and nutrition, combined with a new process and delivery system offer today’s pets longer life expectancy, greater resistance to disease and ailments, brighter eyes and coats and more energy to spend with their favorite people and friends.

Pet Vitality™ brings all of these benefits to your pet, today! It’s an affordable, easy to use supplement solution that’s perfectly safe for all pets; dogs, cats, birds... (and humans too!)

Each 16 oz. bottle is about a one month supply, generally, depending on your pet’s size and thirst. Simply apply two squirts from the squeeze bottle into your pet’s water dish each time you fill it.  You can expect to see improvement in your pet’s health within just a few weeks.

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