We have received many testimonials and comments regarding our products and services.   Here are a few:

Cilzinco is my “go to” product for inflammation or infection, cold and flu symptoms etc. 

For my family and myself it stops a cold, flu or sore throat almost immediately. We use it like Hydrogen Peroxide to help in healing wounds and open cuts. We just pour some of it on open cuts.  I give it to my 91 year old mother for occasional urinary tract infection. 

It is a healthier and more natural effective alternative.  And, because it consists of pure minerals and natural elements that are needed to strengthen the immune system, it is good for you.  This product should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet!  

MMS,  Cape Cod, MA.


I battled Toe Nail Fungus in my big toe for as far back as I can remember, at least 15 years. I felt like I had tried just about everything - from Candida diets, various topical creams/liquids,  Vitamins/Minerals, Probiotics and reluctantly I even resorted to a few prescription drugs!   The majority of the time this nail was a greenish/blackish color that would clear up only about 50-60% at best.  A friend of mine recommended both Cilzinco and Super Cilver from a company called Advance Mineral Solutions.  I had taken minerals before but never angstrom sized particles, which are completely absorbable. After taking Cilzinco and Super Cilver for about 4-5 months in addition to working on my emotions through spiritual work, I am so thank-FULL to say that the nail fungus is completely gone!   How wonderful it was to be able to wear sandals this summer and have ALL WHITE toe nails, but the best part (biggest blessing?) is that I feel so much better and have more energy than I ever have in my life! 
J.D.,  Georgia

Water of Life Testimonial
I have been using Water of Life for a number of years now and its benefits are too numerous to mention!  It turns flat energetically “dead” water into energetically "active" and vibrationally  “alive” water imbuing it with the frequencies of the full color spectrum of the minerals.  It renders water vibrant and vital and thus more wet and quenching.  

My entire family uses it and I carry it with me to use on the go in every beverage.  It’s peace of mind and vibrant health in a bottle.  I even put a few drops in my fish tank to make the water alive and crystal clear!
Satisfied Customer,  Mashpee, MA.